Health Camp

Photo credit: Renee Livesay

Health Camp

Texas Burger Guy has a great review of this restaurant and its burgers. Here's a snippet:

This review is the first of its kind. For this review – I am using the help of my Central Texas Affiliate. He and I both visited Health Camp on two different days and ordered pretty much the same thing. This review will combine our collective thoughts on the Health Camp experience.

Located on Waco’s famous Traffic Circle just off of I-35 N, The Health Camp, home of the famous ‘Healthburger’, is a Waco legend having served up many a burger, shake, and malt in its many years of operation. The Health Camp contains many of the elements of a quintessential TBG place – family owned and operated, great food, and nothing fancy about it by any means. Just good old-fashioned burgers, fries, malts, and shakes made to your liking. For this very reason, even if The Health Camp were to meet its demise someday, it will long live in Waco restaurant lore.

Driving up to Health Camp, I immediately got the sense that I was in the presence of something special. This little burger joint has been here for years and years. No place stays around that long without having a little something special for its customers. I was hoping it was the burgers. It turned out that the big draw has to be malts and shakes instead of the burgers.

. . .

Overall, I enjoyed the atmosphere and the history that is Health Camp. Its been around since 1949. That is impressive. With that kind of success - you would expect a great burger. I didn't think they were all that great. I did enjoy the other food I had at Health Camp though. If you are ever in Waco and in need of a little walk down memory lane... give Health Camp a try.

Health Camp