Common Grounds

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Common Grounds

The following is a review for Common Grounds from Yelp:

Common Grounds... It's hard to believe how much you have grown up. You are like my cousin, who yesterday was 3 yrs old and today is 18.

I was diagnosed with mono the 2nd day of class January 1995. During my two weeks of house arrest recovering, Common Grounds opened. The very first place I went when I was released from solitude was Common Grounds with 3 girl friends. We ordered coffees and sat at a table and played Spades until the place closed. I was not the most social person at Baylor... but even at Common Grounds, my group felt at home.

During Fall 1996 and Spring 1997... they served Soup in a Bread Bowl for lunch. I think my friend Mike C (and his wife Sam C) and I ate there two or three times per week for lunch between Bowling and Principals of Digital Computing.

We all graduated and Baylor campus seemed to explode while we were gone. I graduated in May 1998. Moved home to Houston, taught high school, moved to Dallas....

Tonight, I was in Waco and a former student asked if I wanted to meet for a coffee before I drove back to Waco. Sure! I walked in and some of the place I recognized, but just like that 3 yr old cousin.... Common Grounds is now taller than me, has expanded to heated patios and back yards.

I had a medium Caramel Coffee Crunch and sat and talked to a friend for an hour there this evening. We were on the heated patio, and even in mid-40 degree weather, it was perfectly comfortable. I loved my coffee.. and it was just the amount of caffeine I needed to get back to Dallas without passing out at midnight.

I promise to come see you again before another 10 years is up.

Common Grounds

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